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"I am very satisfied with your products and I'll be back whenever a new project requires it. Your site is an excellent resource and I have passed your link along to some of my students."

-John Warner

"Really love your guys service so far. Really professional looking characters and it didn't cost an arm and a leg to get started."

-Brian Pollock

"I just bought a character pack from you. I guess I will be buying more. I just wanted to thank you for the service you are offering. For a person like me, trying to create a little something in Flash and being new to it, this helps a lot. Keep up the good work."


"Cartoon Solutions allows you to jump-start your production by using their prebuilt characters and animation packs. They also have backgrounds that are easy to edit and are available in .psd file formats allowing you to make changes. No more starting from scratch!"

-Scott Coleman

"I keep on coming back to Cartoon Solutions for two big reasons, diversity of product something for any project I may be working on, and top notch quality of product (second to none)."

-Carl Renaud

"What I like about Cartoon Solutions is the ease of ordering and the rich and well-made cartoons. Animating in Flash is easy and rewarding, within a few hours I finished my first cartoon-page!"

-Richard Schut

"I am new to playing with animation, so new, that I'm still unsure what I am doing. I make little family videos and this outlet will give me more variety and fun in my hobby. I love the flexibilty of Cartoon Solutions. I can buy into different programs and save a ton of time. I tried to create my own people, but am not skilled enough yet. Your characters and backgrounds are too good to pass up."

-Rob McDaniel

"Just a quick email to say THANK YOU as your site and products have been an inspiration for our design team. Please keep inspiring people and congratulations on your site. We hope you like what we have done so far."

-Angela Perez

"May I take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with your products and I'm sure I will be a customer of yours for many years to come."

-Lance Lines

"In all the years of buying your product, never had any problems and when we did... you solved it immediately! Many Many thanks, and we love your stuff (use it on all my internal company training projects!)"

-Darren Ewing

"From my previous experience your packages are great for company departments in training or making an important point. All that is required is an animator and storyboard, hard part is already done by Cartoon Solutions."

-Frank Irving

"Just wanna say, what a LIFESAVER, these hand packs are. Wow. I'm just starting my first serious animation, putting my first character together and while I originally drew him with boney-ish hands, after doing 160 head comps, I started on the hands. While, I've got miles and miles to go, it was SO MUCH EASIER, just to size these, color them and pop them in. Thanks!"

-Liz Shields

"Great Products! Brilliant Artwork! Great Site! Great Value! Thank You!"

-Kevin Kissack

"Thank you guys for helping me fill my dream of becoming an animator already. I'm pleased to tell that I have started utilizing the great opportunities you guys have given me."

-Michael Olotu

"I just wanted to say thank you for providing me such splendid art at such a splendid price--that is, the Hand Pose Packs. Your contribution to my work in progress is so valued and, assuming I survive the rigors of making a personal film (!), you will be gratefully noted."

-Mitch Gould

"I have many of your products and have been very happy with every purchase."

-Russ Van Dine

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Character Pack Testimonials

"The reason I use Cartoon Solutions is because I cannot draw to save my life. I've only recently gotten in to animation, so I needed help with characters and background scenes. Cartoon Solutions has been such a lifesaver for me, because it is easy to use in Flash, especially the character packs and walk cycles. So for someone like me who has no drawing talent, it's been wonderful."

-C. Ewing

"Thank you for your excellent products! I bought the Denise animation pack and I am blown away by the quality and the setup of the files. The modular approach to the character allowed me to quickly modify the animation and character to suit my needs. This has saved me countless hours of production time and allowed me to quickly start animating."

-Jon Majerik

"So easy to use, well drawn, easy to make changes and looks great. Heaps of options at a great price and I have always got great customer service."

-Damian Bradshaw

"I'm a beginning animator and I want to say that your character packs have saved me a lot of time mucking about with drawing and let me get to the nitty gritty of animating."

-Michael Johnson

"I recently purchased a Denise animation pack, altered it and now my client and boss think I'm a genius. Thanks!"

-Pepper Huff

"One of my clients has had a cool vision for her eLearning projects and it involves avatars - the digital characters/cartoons that help lead your learners through the training. I've done quite a bit of it in the past, but it always adds to the cost because I hire an illustrator/cartoonist to develop my characters. Whenever I hire out, it costs me and the clients more money. So, I figured that I would see if there were some avatars available online that weren't too cheesy, and that I could pick up cheaply so as to not pass the cost onto the client.

I am happy to have found this site: Cartoon Solutions. It contains dozens of characters that you can download for a steal ($18.00 or so, $49 for the character plus 18 animations). Men, women, kids, animals, plus backgrounds and props, all in the same toony "style". And, when you buy, you get the .fla file with all the embedded mouth and hand positions so you can drop them right into your project.

90% of my stuff is build in Flash so this was a perfect fit. While designed for Flash cartoons, I found them to be a perfect fit for these new eLearning projects. The best part: My client LOVED the rapid prototype. If you know Flash and want to add a toony look to your eLearning, check out Cartoon Solutions!"

-Thomas Toth, ThomasTalksTech.com

"I save a lot of time using finished characters, and it's very easy to change the elements."

-Julio Arrida

"For my money/time, I buy pre-made illustrations. The regular stock photo sites have illustrations, but the best collection I've found for learning agents is Cartoon Solutions.com. Most of their characters are e-learning-appropriate and they come with various poses and mouths (meant to animate speech, but I also use them as facial expressions). I buy Flash versions and use Illustrator to edit them for stills. Add audio from a popular CSR, and you're golden. Angela, one of our recent stars, $18 for her files and 90% worth it."

-Judy Unrein, OneHundredFortyWords.com

"Cartoon Solutions is a tool that I love. It enables me to add additional interesting elements to my presentations whether I'm utilizing PowerPoint or Flash. These characters really help bring the presentations to life."

-Kim Worthy

"Technique-wise, I did (my animation) in After Effects with some initial help from Photoshop. One thing I didn't do is draw the characters, they were purchased on Cartoon Solutions.com. I recommend their products because they are relatively cheap and they give you a bunch of pieces to assemble various poses for your character."

-Michael Szabo, BigMikeDesign.com

"I've used some of your characters before and they're always very well received. I've learned a lot from your site and your products are first rate. Thank you for taking the time to keep things fresh and creating new lessons and things for us to learn from, it is very much appreciated."

-Kurt Melander

"I use Cartoon Solutions because I am not a good artist and I absolutely love the flexibility these images allow. Fantastic product!"

-Aaron Christensen

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your hard work in providing new characters that work with Anime Studio. I just purchased 2 new characters and they look great! I first learned about you when looking for characters for my new animated series. You might be interested to know that the first episode that we made for Easter won first place in an international contest! We'll be flying to Canada later this month to accept it in person. And we couldn't have done it without you!"

-David Evans

"I spent a great deal of time searching for character art for training software. Your characters are perfect. Thanks!"

-Steven Tenpas

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work. I've already purchased many characters and I am having an awesome experience with them. And it is making my life soooooooooooooo much easier."

-Angela Roberts

I recently purchased Samantha and have immediately put her to good use! I only just started the animation on it but I am already impressed with the versitility of your characters. They are very easy to use and look great too! Keep up the good work!

-Jason D'Amico

"Whether beginner or an experienced professional with core skills, Cartoon Solutions' Character Pack has virtually everything so one can focus on animating or learning Flash character animation. I found the symbols and builds were presented professionally, as all good animation for broadcast or internet should be, yet gives the user the building blocks to be customizable. Together with its online tutorials, I believe Cartoon Solutions have given today's 2D animator a valuable resource."

-Gerard de Souza

"The Character Packs by Cartoon Solutions are well constructed and easy to animate. I find their design very appealing, which is an important aspect for any good flash animation."

-Darran Kuah

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Background Testimonials

"I made a Christmas themed cartoon this year using several of the backgrounds and characters to poke fun at family members at the family Christmas party. The cartoon was quick and easy to make using the characters and backgrounds!. I have several more ideas in the works and plan on purchasing more backgrounds in the near future to complete new projects. For the hobbyist and those just looking to have a little fun without a lot of time and effort, Cartoon Solutions is the answer!"

-Parris McCaul

"I love your backgrounds! They are very attractive and work well for what we do! We have an English teaching TV program, we use your backgrounds with a puppet. It really works well."

-Hazel J.

"This is a great service you folks provide. It frees me up to concentrate on character design and animation without having to worry about the backgrounds which, frankly, are not my strong suit. Thanks again and keep up the great work!"

-Frank Bernard

"The thing I love about CartoonSolutions.com is that when you buy one thing, you get so much more. I have bought several backgrounds and then broken them apart and found there are dozens of parts to each one. Ryan Simmons doesn't draw just one flat background, he layers everything. When I bought the Christmas Eve background it came with so much. He even puts details in things outside a window.

You can't see the whole bike and on a flat background, that would be all you get, but with CartoonSolutions.com you get everything in its entirety. The cookies on the plate on the chair are each separate. The tree has ornaments that you can change or move or adjust. If you copy something and then flip it horizontally or vertically, you can virtually double everything. I use the backgrounds and the prop packs to make amazingly detailed print outs for ESL students in Japan. They love looking at the worksheets and doing the activities because the images are so interesting. I no longer use stick figures for activities.

My most recent one used the table from the Lab and then I had about 50 things from the prop packs either on, under, by, near, or above it. Students had to use prepositions to describe where everything was. "Where is Barak Obama, he is on the table, where is the computer, it is under the table, by the eyeball." They loved it, and I love CartoonSolutions.com"

-Ryan McDonald

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Comic Testimonials

"Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for the great job that you are doing. I am a graphic designer by trade and I volunteer as a Children's Minister for a living. I found your site a month or so ago and saw the great potential for both the design work that I do, as well as the Children's Ministry newsletter. I had wanted to do a comic type of newsletter rather than the standard layup for a long time, but am strapped for time when it comes to the actual artwork. The time that you saved me is awesome!!! Keep up the work, because you have a new customer with me."

-Gene Jordan

"I LOVE your stuff, wish you had more, I'd buy it all! I am working on a ton of comics and this stuff is very helpful."

-Andrew Zar

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