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Are you in need of high quality characters that you can begin using instantly? Since 2005, Cartoon Solutions has specialized in providing pre-made cartoon characters that can be animated. Want to see more? Cartoon Solutions has a huge selection of Character Packs in many different program formats to choose from.
Below is a sample Character Pack and the many body parts that you'll receive:

What's included in each Character Pack:
Each Character Pack contains three views of a character: front, side and back. The body parts are made into individual parts that you can move, rotate and scale in order to create new poses for animation. Each character also comes with an eye blink cycle in the front and side views to help give your character the illusion of life!

Important to every cartoon character is the ability to speak, and Cartoon Solutions has ensured that each Character Pack contains 7 different mouth positions in both the front and side views to allow you to easily animate to dialogue! Also included are many different hand positions to allow your character to create many gestures.

Why Cartoon Solutions?
Cartoon Solutions provides you with the following:
  • A huge selection of characters in various ethnicities.
  • Characters that are ready for animation.
  • Great looking characters with appealing designs.
  • Characters that can be customized or altered to fit your needs.
  • All products are Instantly downloadable after being purchased!
Customer Satisfaction
"I've used some of your characters before and they're always very well received." - Kurt Melander

Cartoon Solutions is no stranger to these types of testimonials. Their customers are very excited about results they receive using Cartoon Solutions products.

Choose Your character pack Format:

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