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Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Do I have to purchase a multi-user license for anyone who views my animations or images I've created from Cartoon Solutions?

No, anyone can view the projects you create using our products... we do not allow the sharing of the original files that you download from our site.

If my computer/hard drive crashes, will you regenerate the download links to my previously purchased products so that I can have them again?

No, we will NOT regenerate download links again after the initial download period is over. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE BACKUP COPIES OF PRODUCTS AFTER YOU DOWNLOAD THEM.

How are your products licensed? Do you have a sample license agreement I can view before I make a purchase?

Yes, you can absolutely view our licensing agreement! After purchasing your character pack your downloaded flash file comes with a mouth comp tutorial document as well as a licensing agreement. Click here to view the agreement.

After reviewing you license agreement, it appears that any cartoons I produce can be aired/viewed on the Internet, television, movies, DVD, etc., with no royalties to be paid above the initial license fee. I must state in my credits, elements provided by: Cartoon Solutions, or backgrounds by Cartoon Solutions. Is that right?

We ask that, where possible, you give Cartoon Solutions credit for any products you use directly in your projects. We aren't sticklers about this, but if there is a logical place, we ask that you give credit to Cartoon Solutions.

I am using a Mac, will your files work on my computer?

Yes, all of our products are compatible on both Windows and Mac operating systems. We know for a fact that they will work since we create our products using a Mac!

I use Toon Boom Studio and am wondering if there is a way to use the Flash products in Toon Boom?

Yes, the Flash products can be used with Toon Boom. All of our Flash products not only contain the .fla, Flash file, but also a .swf file of the product that can be imported into Toon Boom. To import the .swf file, open Toon Boom and choose "File" and then "Import Macromedia Flash Movie", then navigate to the location of the .swf file on your computer.

When using your Flash products, is there a short cut to getting all of the symbols on their own layer in the timeline or do I have to do it by hand?

If you have many symbols on a single layer that need to be moved onto their own layers, you can select all of the symbols and then right-click over them on your stage. A pop up window will appear where you can choose the option "Distribute to Layers". This will take each symbol and create it's own layer for it in the timeline so that each symbol can be motion tweened on it's own. The new layer will be named the same as the symbol name.

In Flash, how do I get to all of the symbols inside a symbol? For example how do I move the symbols in the bent arm symbol?

Certain symbols are made up of multiple symbols. For example a bent arm symbol on the stage can contain 3 different symbols inside it: an upper and lower arm and a hand. If all of these symbols are contained in one symbol on the timeline, then you can tween that symbol as it is. But if you want to manipulate the individual symbols within that symbol, you can break apart the symbol to access the individual symbols. Just remember that once you break them apart, if you plan on tweening them you should distribute them to their own layers within the timeline.

If you decide you don't want to break apart the symbol, but just want to alter the way the symbols inside it are positioned, you can double click on the symbol which will automatically put you inside the symbol. Remember though that altering the position of the symbols in that symbol will also change any other instance of that symbol that you have already used on the stage.

Why is it that when I drag the head symbol from the library in Flash and I test my movie, all of the mouths are moving when I haven't animated them yet?

The head symbol that contains all of the mouth positions is based on the Mouth Comp System. When a graphic symbol is dragged from the Library and onto the stage, the default settings is always set to "Loop", which means that it will repeatedly display all of the artwork within the symbol. To keep this from happening, click on the symbol and then in the Property Window, change the properties of the symbol from "Loop" to "Single Frame" from the drop down menu. Now the symbol will be static and not loop through all of the mouths and expressions within the symbol.